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I'm an ex-English Major who, sick of reading classics after college, decided to read all the trashy books I didn't before because I was too snobby. Since graduating, I've entertained myself with comics, YA, and romance novels, finding out they can not only be decently written, but superbly written. I've since recovered from my classics aversion, but I'm now more open-minded reader willing to read from any genre. If a book has kick-ass heroines and/or witty banter and/or takes place in a different time or place (including fantasy settings), I will most likely fall in love with it. My favorite authors are Jane Austen, Shakespeare, E.M. Forster, Meljean Brook, Sarah Rees Brennan, Rachel Hartman, Catherynne M. Valente, and Aliette de Bodard.

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Anya's Ghost - Vera Brosgol 4.5 out of 5 StarsAnya hates her life. She doesn't have a supermodel body, the boy she likes doesn't know she exists, and she's constantly trying to hide her embarrassing Russian heritage. Things can’t get any worse until she falls down a well and meets a ghost. The ghost, Emily, follows her home and strikes a deal with Anya – Emily can stay with Anya if she helps Anya change her life. But are these changes really for the better?Anya’s Ghost is a fantastic YA graphic novel that starts out with your typical high school drama with a paranormal twist and then becomes something much darker and deeper. Its style and tone remind me a bit of the Rockett video games put out by Purple Moon back in the late 90’s (and that’s a very high compliment): deep exploration of characters from different cliques and mostly non-judgmental story-telling. I loved the exploration of the difficulties of immigrant children of being brought up in a culture different from their parents and fitting into a homogeneous American suburb. Unlike most books and TV shows depicting high school, Anya’s Ghost never takes the easy road; instead it paints a more realistic view. Anya herself is a great character that’s completely relatable in her antics (who themselves hasn’t pulled something Anya has at one point?).The art has a unique simple “cartoony” style, but don’t let the cutesy simplistic nature of Brosgol’s work fool you. Her art conveys the complex emotions of the characters and can be terrifying when necessary. I got chills at the climax.Anya's Ghost is a stylish book with a great story and protagonist not normally seen in YA. Vera Brosgol is definitely a name to watch in the growing YA graphic novel subgenre.